Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to manifest

What I am going to talk about here, in relation to the law of attraction is, the abundance mindset. The abundance mindset is the way of thinking, which is programmed to see abundance in most, if not all things. It is similar to gratitude. I feel great, I see someone walking down the street. They seem happy to me. I smile or say hello and they smile back. Now, were they really happy ? Or was it the fact that I felt good and viewed them as happy, whether they were or not ? And then, I shared good feelings, and they returned those good feelings ? Regardless of what happened, I am in an abundance mindset. I have more than enough to give, so I give it. The beauty of seeing my reality in an abundant and beautiful way is that I am consciously creating it that way. What I experience, I create. What I percieve, I create.

Now, how do you manifest ? Think as if it already exists. When you see the world as abundant, it is abundant. Listen to how you talk or describe the world. Do you say things like : When I have enough....( money, time, energy...) ? Do you ever think you have enough...( money, time, energy...) ? How much energy do you put into " not having " ? Do you ever put time into " having " ? Being content. How does it FEEL ? It is like Bruce Lee says in, " Enter the Dragon ". Don't think....FEEL. When you visualize yourself having created the ideal result in your life , feel the way you would feel as if it is already real. This reminds me of, " Think and grow rich " by Napoleon Hill, a book I'm still learning from. In the steps to get rich and manifest, he says to get an emotional quality in your visualization. We condition ourselves in a negative mindset to have a certain feeling about a belief. This solidifies that belief, makes it more, 'real'. By visualizing and feeling, you are creating a new neural network, like learning a new skill, and solidifying it. It's like riding a bike. Over time, the feeling of abundance becomes natural.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Website Fun

Hey everyone, here's a link to a website I've been subscribing to...It's really interesting. Very informative and legitimate content. I've learned a lot, just by browsing. It's about internet marketing using articles and such. The reoccuring theme I've discovered is having targeted traffic, to your website or blog or social networking site. I'm new to this method, so any feedback is welcome. I'll post more discoveries as soon as I , "crack the code".

Monday, July 7, 2008

Of course...

Well, this is about this blog. I am interested in a type of thinking going on. Call it a critical mass, or a paradigm shift, but what I'm talking about here is.....manifestation. I don't know if it started with quantum physics, or ,"What the bleep do we know" or some other type of phenomenon, but at this point the word is out. The not so secret, "Secret" is a testament to that. Now we have abundance manifestation with a specific focus on internet marketing.....I'm curious, I'm not gonna lie. Well, I will be documenting my research into manifestation on this blog.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Post

Yes....First post ! My girlfriend just got back from buying new comfy shoes. I know I don't want to post inane ramblings like " I walked across the room, I'm breathing deeply....I'm thinking.."
, funny for awhile but annoying. I'm really happy about having my first post. I don't know what this blog is gonna be about , I figure it will be about documenting discoveries.....